Monday, 26 May 2008

Ghost caught on camera at Chirk Castle?

Following on from the piece about this blog in the 'Evening Leader' newspaper, the publication has carried a front page article about a photograph of an alleged ghost taken at Chirk Castle, near Wrexham. This well-preserved Norman castle is now in the care of the National Trust.

Grant Scott, an amateur photographer from Farndon in Cheshire, noticed the transparent image of a woman on one of the photos he took of the castle a couple of weekends ago. A spokeswoman for the castle suggests that the image is of a regular visitor and that she appears to be queuing for the disabled toilet. But Mr Scott is intrigued not only be the fact her image is far from solid (when compared to the man standing a few feet to her right) and that she appears to be wearing clothes of an antiquated fashion. Also, he didn't notice anyone standing there when he took the snap.

Mr Scott was experimenting with long exposures, however, and it might be possible that the woman moved quickly into frame, stood for a split second - long enough to partly register - before moving quickly out of frame. She appears to looking in precisely the same direction as the man nearby, which implies that she is a real person. One thing I'm uncertain about is why the photo is in black-and-white when it was taken on a digital camera. My digital camera can only take photos in colour - after all, there's no black-and-white film involved - but maybe there's are monochrome settings on more sophisticated cameras than my own.

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